Men's Spring League (Info)

Wed, 4/16-5/28,7:30-9:30pm

Women's Spring League (Info)

Wed, 4/16-5/28,7:30-9:30pm

Co-ed Spring League Session II (Info)

Tues, 4/15-5/27,7-9pm 

2014 USAU College Championships (Info)

May 23-26    Sign up and help CUPA out!

Around Cincinnati

Lunchtime @ Downtown

12pm-12:50pm at Serpentine Wall, several days a week.

Sunday @ Winton Woods (Info)

1:00 pm-? pm Playing all year in all weather conditions. See FB Group.

Youth Ultimate

Youth/Coaching Camp at Nationals (Info)

Sign up or help out.

2014 YUC (Info)

Season Starts - Mar 9

Spring 2014 Junior Ultimate (Info)

Games March 14 - May 9


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