Attention: Primary School aged youth groups (grades 2-4)


Cincinnati Ultimate Players Association [CUPA] offers free instructional sessions that teach Ultimate to primary school aged children. In about 90 minutes, these sessions teach basic disc throwing, through to playing a game of Ultimate.

To bring the sport of Ultimate to your group, simply contact CUPA's Primary School age out-reach program coordinator, with your contact and organizational information.


CUPA understands that many organizations recognize the value of teaching children a variety of sports and activities. For example, Cub Scouts recognize Ultimate with a Belt Loops, and Brownies have Fitness badges.

If you are not familiar with the sport, Ultimate is a fast moving, high energy, non- contact sport played with a 175 gram sport disk [aka Frisbee]. The object is to score points by passing the disc between teammates until completing a pass to a teammate in the end zone. Players do not travel while holding the disc, rather establish a pivot foot while the defense starts a 10 second stall count in which the player has to throw the disc to a teammate.

The type of group does not matter. All groups welcome, including, but not limited to, Cub Scouts / Brownie troops, Church groups, Community Recreation Centers, or birthday parties.

Ultimate Skills Clinic FAQ

Q: Is there any cost for this clinic?
A: There is no cost for the clinic. There is no cost for the Ultimate sports disc [Frisbees] that each youth will receive and keep after the event.

Q: How long does the clinic run?
A: Typical sessions run between 90 minutes to 2 hours.

Q: How many youths can participate?
A: 14 players is ideal, but a few as 8 can make for a quality event.

Q: What ages are appropriate?
A: This clinic is geared towards 2nd through 4th graders. Younger than that, and the kid’s size difference is significant.

Q: Can friends and siblings participate?
A: YES, any friends and siblings of similar age are encouraged to join.

Q: What size field is needed for the clinic?
A: A field about 1⁄2 the size of a soccer field is adequate for this age group.

Q: What should be brought to the clinic?
A: Youth should be dressed for the weather, and have plenty of water.

Q: How much lead time is needed for planning?
A: At least two weeks to contact and coordinate the volunteers.

Q: Is there a registration process or sign up sheet needed?
A: Names are collected simply to receive signoff for the earned club recognitions, like the Cub Scout Belt Loop, or Brownie Sports Patch.