2019 Spring Thursday Francis Juniors


May 23 - status = We are playing!

This is the Junior Ultimate League that previously was on Fridays in Milford!


   There will be three divisions within this league, but all registration will be via this one league page.   Each week will begin with 30-40 minute skills clinic and then play a focused scrimmage to solidify the new skills.   

U10 Mixed - The under-10 teams will only play each other for the entire season.  Their coaches will be playing on the field during the games, to help the younger children learn rules, strategies, and techniques.    

U14 Boys -  Coached by experienced high school players from Holy Family Catholic Revolution and Omega.

U14 Girls - Coached by experienced high school players from Holy Family Catholic Revolution and Omega.

Under 14 boys and girls divisions -->must turn 14 after May 1, 2019

Forms:  We are paperless!      All minors (less than age 18) must be listed under a parent’s account, and the parent must sign the waiver and fill out the medical release for their children.   Great news - you will need to only do this once for all of 2019!

Payment: $25 if paid by the first session.  $5 late fee if after.  Please either pay during your registration via Paypal or check (Revolution Ultimate) or cash the first night.

NOTE: You must follow the below instructions to register all children (under 18!)   The system will not let you create an account for a child under 18 directly, so you must create an "adult" account, and then add minor children to your adult account.  

Here are instructions for registering multiple children on one adult account.

Schedule: Thursdays 4:00 - 5:30 from April 11 - May 23.  (no league April 18 - Holy Thursday)   


tom Dorsey David Fry Ed Schuster Jerry Monnin Keith Tenhundfeld Ned Earley

Apr 11 2019 - May 23 2019 04:00 to 05:30 PM

Francis RecreAcres
11982 Conrey Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45249


This is the league status, you may check your status here.
Jan 14 2019 at 12:00 AM to Apr 19 2019 at 08:00 PM

All players must have a waiver/release on file with CUPA from a previous 2019 league.