Youth Coaching Requirements

For information on starting or coaching a team in YUC, please visit the coaching page here: YUC Coaches.  

Below are the requirements that must be fulfilled in order to coach in YUC:

You can check off some of your requirements and follow your coach requirements as noted by the YUC directors here:

1. Background Check:

2. Concussion Training:
Coaches are required to complete concussion training once every 2 years. Send a PDF copy of your current completion certificate to the league directors at We will accept certificates from either NFHS (link below), or CDC Head's Up (available through the USAU coach certification process).

3. CUPA Waiver:
A signed CUPA waiver is required for the year that you are coaching. You can check your status and sign an online waiver here.

4. Read through the Official Rules:

5. Read through the YUC Coaching Guide:
YUC Coaching Manual

6. SafeSport Training: 
This can be accessed through your USAU Account or at the link below. This training has a fee. If you decide to become a coach through USAU and follow their training requirements, the SafeSport training cost is included. If you are doing SafeSport ONLY FOR YUC, then there is a fee that must be paid by you, which you can submit to be reimbursed by CUPA. Send your receipt and mailing address (to receive a check) to for reimbursement.

7. USAU Chaperone Requirements (Not required in Spring 2021)

8. Ohio COVID-19 Training:
Please watch the following videos to be familiar with COVID-19 symptoms and best practices.

9. VIRTUS training, for Catholic schools only:


USAU Coach Membership and Training Requirements (link)
To be eligible to purchase a coach or coach/player membership you must complete the following requirements: 

  • NCSI Background Check (takes up to 10 business days, renewed every two years)
  • CDC Concussion Training (takes 1+ hours)
  • Coach Membership Videos (30 minutes)
  • Submit request for Coach Membership Test
    • Please note that it may take up to seven business days to have the test link sent to you
    • Passing score is 80%

Once you have completed the above items, you can purchase a coach membership. You can then take the Safesport training if you have not already completed it. If you already have a USA Membership then you can complete the Safesport at any time.

USAU Coach Certification
Note: to compete at the OH State Championship, each team (not just each school) must have at least one USAU-certified coach. USAU coach certification is additional to having a USAU coach membership.

High school level certification requires the coach to attend a High School Certification clinic and then pass the certification test. YUC sometimes offers a Coaching Clinic to get this certification and we will post this information here.