Cincinnati Ultimate SelectProgram (CUSP)

Belle U20 and U17       Pig       Piglet
      Alistair Lovekin   Aidan Stevens
Catherine Beatrice   Axel Agami   Aidan Sommer
Aylee Cole   Ben Stetter   Cannon Spelman
Betty Richardson   Ben Lieb   Charles East
      Caleb Montgomery   Ethan Kunz
Ella Enders   Donovan Duffy   Evan Estes
Ellayne Perez   Eric Wilson   Garrison Wettengel
Eva Vandegrift   Gabe Dorsey   Hunter Collins
Gabby Eppinghoff   Jack Koenig   Isaac Leighninger
Halley McNair   Jacob McEachern   Jackson O'Daniel
Jade Stella   Jake Scheper   Jake Sherwood
Janey Vandegrift   Jared Regruth   Josh Kiefer
Jessica Honerlaw   Josh Wu   Leo Matthews
Kameron Horn   Keegan Butler   Max Starr
Kinsey Fry   Luke Monnin   Max Edwards
Lauren Talbot   Matthew Simpson   Miles DiNardo
Libby Pung   Michael Schuster   Nick Kaiser
Lorayne Perez   Nate Maddux   Porter Bausch
Lula Dutille   Noah Krumme   Taylor Shearer
Macy Irons   Nolan Irons   Travis Monnin
Maddie Campbell   Reece Stoughton   Vincent Roberto
Madison Lentz   Sam Riddle   William Wettengel
Madison McWhorter   Thomas Palermo      
Maggie Albers   Trevor Jones      
Maria Huff            
McKinley Addington            
Olivia Albers            
Rebecca Monnin            
Rebekah Taylor            
Savannah Jeffries            
Therese Enders            
Taylor Klunk            
Savannah Irons            
Lindsey Tenhundfeld            



CUSP is designed to give the best youth players in Cincinnati the opportunity to improve their game beyond what is possible with YUC.  We select the best applicants to practice through the summer and travel to play adult teams with the goal of competing at the Youth Club Championships in August in Minneapolis, MN.  Our teams get top notch coaching and have achieved remarkable success on the field with 7 nation runner-ups and 5 Spirit Award titles.  Our players go on to captain college and club teams as well as compete for the USA in international competitions.  Along the way, we have a ton of fun and make friends to last a lifetime.  Our goal for 2018, is to field 5 teams:

  • U20 Boys - Flying Pig
  • U20 Girls - Belle
  • U20 Mixed - Notorious
  • U17 Boys - Flying Piglet
  • U17 Girls - Baby Belle

Important Dates:

  • April 14 - 1st tryout date.  9AM to noon at Francis Recreacres (11982 Conrey Rd)
  • April 18 - 2nd tryout date.  6-8PM at Francis Recreacres (11982 Conrey Rd)
  • June 23-24 - SCINNY Tournament
  • August 2-7 - Youth Club Championships in Minneapolis, MN

For more information on these teams, download our information sheet or email Joel at

If you are interested in trying out to join the CUSP family, register for our tryout sessions here.