2020 Winter Tuesday Dayton Session 1


This will be an indoor league at Dayton Sports Complex in Dayton, OH on their indoor soccer field. The games will be 7 vs 7; four teams with two teams playing ~90 minutes each from 6:30 until 9:30 (one game per team per night). We're opening it up to more players due to the larger fields and 7v7 format. Get registered soon as space is limited and the indoor leagues fill up quickly.

The schedule will be Tuesday nights;

  • Jan 7th
  • Jan 14th
  • Jan 21st
  • Jan 28th
  • Feb 4th (maybe playoffs #1)
  • Feb 11th (maybe finals or playoffs #2) + pizza party

Rules of play:
Game to time, the last point (hard cap) will be called at 5 minutes prior to next game (~8 pm or 9:25 pm). Ties can occur.
7 players on the field per team with at least one lady (6/1) unless captains agree otherwise and depending on signups.
Stall 7, starting at 4.
Half time at ~45 minutes, get water, swap sides and pull.
1 quick time out per game.
The ceiling, wall and nets are out of bounds. Disc is dead if it hits them. The crossing wires are live.
Brick mark is ~10 yards from the center of the front line of the receiving end-zone.

Find out more information at DaytonUltimate on Facebook.


Thomas Brewster Mike Walsh

Jan 7 2020 - Feb 11 2020 06:30 to 09:30 PM

Dayton Sports Complex
4801 Salem Ave
Dayton, OH 45416


This is the league status, you may check your status here.
Dec 17 2019 at 12:00 PM to Jan 4 2020 at 01:00 PM
$75 ( $50 for female players )

All players must have a waiver/release on file with CUPA from a previous 2020 league.