2022 Winter Friday Indoor


This Indoor Winter League at Wall2Wall in Mason will be 7 weeks long from 8-10pm, January 14 to February 25 (no bye!). The league will be 4:3 gender ratio and is one of our most competitive leagues throughout the year. If there are any questions about whether this league will be right for you, feel free to email landerson@cincinnatiultimate.org!

Captains will draft players into teams, which we will communicate within the week of the first league night. Please plan to wear a jersey that matches your team's color as well as a white jersey (no greys or multicolor, please!). Space is limited to 4 teams and it will be first-come, first-serve. Players need to be at least 16 by January 1, 2022. The cost is $115 for 7 weeks. 

Please note that we will be requiring the COVID-19 vaccination for this indoor league as well as all indoor events until further notice*. We will be checking all players' vaccine cards on the first night of league, so please be prepared to come with your cards as proof. We also encourage all players to get the COVID-19 booster as everyone 18+ should be eligible. 

Game Rules

We will play two games each Friday night:
First game: 8:05-8:55PM
Second game: 9:00-9:50 PM, as the facility requires us to be off the field by 9:55 PM.

This league will utilize the most up-to-date Rulebook with the following modifications:

  • All points in all games will be 4:3 gender ratio
  • No Time Outs
  • No Halftime
  • All indoor structures (including soccer goals) are considered out of bounds. If a disc hits these structures, it is “out” and is to be set into play at the location on the playing field proper where the contact occurred.
  • Pulls that contact a structure can be centered horizontally on the field and at the vertical location where the contact occurred or 20 yds in front of the receiving team’s endzone (whichever is nearest the attacking endzone).
  • When the time expires, finish the point (see Universe Point Rules for if the game is tied at the end of the point).
  • Universe Point rules: If the point that is played out after time expires results in a tied game, play one more point (Double Game Point). Please make line changes, in-game calls, etc quickly during this point. If the point does not conclude prior to the start of the next game or the end of the time slot, The League Directors reserve the right to call a tie.

Sub Policy: 

  • Subs are allowed to participate if a team has less than 5 women-matching players or 7 men-matching players. 

  • All subs must be vetted through Liz Anderson, CUPA's Director of Operation, to verify appropriate skill level and vaccine status. 

  • Due to the higher price of the field rental, subs will be asked to pay $10 per night.

COVID-19 Safety/Vaccine Requirements: 

  • This is a COVID-19 vaccination required league and both shots (with two weeks past for them to be fully effective) are required (excluding Johnson & Johnson) to participate. 

  • Boosters are not required but are highly recommended. 

  • We WILL be checking proof of this on the first night of league, or if you aren’t able to make it, whenever your first game is. We will accept your vaccine card or a photo that clearly and legibly shows the details of the card. 

  • If you do not bring proof of the vaccine, we will not allow you to play until we are able to verify your vaccine status. 

  • No further personal information will be collected related to vaccination status. Once all participants have been verified, this data will not be retained beyond the time of the league.

  • Please wear your mask in the building as we use the main lobby to put on cleats and hang out until the field is cleared. Once on the field, masks are not required, but on the sidelines, masks and/or social distancing are recommended.

  • DO NOT COME if you are sick or not feeling well, especially if you are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. Being that we are playing in an indoor league, please play it safe rather than risk spreading any sicknesses. 

  • If you suspect you may have COVID-19 or have had exposure, I will soon provide a document with our policies and steps to take. The board will be reviewing these this week. Most of what we recommend has always been what local and federal guidelines recommend and I expect it to be similar. 


CUPA Indoor League Policies 2021-2022:

For all upcoming indoor CUPA activities (most notably, indoor winter league at Wall2Wall, but also other potential events such as the YUC Lock-In, March Madness, etc.), players will be required to be vaccinated to participate. Players will also need to provide proof of vaccination status. This decision was approved by the Board of Directors at the October Board Meeting, following discussion and review of survey results from past winter league participants. The goal is to provide the safest environment possible for participants while still continuing forward with the league.

Logistical note: Proof of vaccination status (by virtue or your vaccination card) will be reviewed on-site before the player first participates by the Director of Operations and/or league director. No further personal information will be collected related to vaccination status. Once all participants have been verified, this data will not be retained beyond the time of the league.


Joe Mozloom Michael Partusch Liz Anderson

Jan 14 2022 - Feb 25 2022 08:00 to 09:55 PM

Wall 2 Wall Soccer
846 Reading Road
Cincinnati, OH 45040


This is the league status, you may check your status here.
Dec 13 2021 at 08:00 AM to Jan 7 2022 at 11:59 PM

All players must have a waiver/release on file with CUPA from a previous 2022 league.