CUPA Director of Operations Role - Applications Being Accepted!

Posted at Sep 19 2019 03:00 PM by Mike Kaylor

Position Description: Director Of Operations

The Cincinnati Ultimate Players Association (CUPA) is hiring a Director of Operations. This is CUPA's first employee. As such, the role is ultimately flexible and will grow with time. The primary objective for this first hire is to continue building a supportive, efficient, and sustainable organization for ultimate frisbee in Southwestern Ohio and Northern Kentucky while growing CUPA membership and CUPA sponsored playing opportunities.

A successful candidate will facilitate efficient communication and logistical coordination; profitable adult events that allow us to reinvest in youth programming as the future of our community; and positive public relations, community development, and volunteer management.

Through these, we hope to build a world-class ultimate scene for players of all ages and goals.

League Management

The Director of Operations will have overall responsibility for ensuring all CUPA leagues are well-run events.  They will run some leagues, assist existing league directors as needed, and work to expand all adult leagues. Responsibilities include:

  • Increasing the number of adult and youth players across all CUPA leagues

  • Running a portion of the 40+ existing CUPA leagues 

  • Assisting existing league directors with their leagues

  • Expanding the number of leagues and playing locations in Cincinnati and Dayton

  • Documenting best practices for running leagues, and creating a training program for existing and future league directors.

  • Interfacing with other US disc organizations to learn their best practices and incorporate them into CUPA.

  • Keeping the CUPA website updated with playing opportunities and event information.

  • Maintaining a USAU TD certification.


As the Director of Operations, positive and efficient communication is crucial. Your responsibilities will encompass community management, public relations, marketing, social media, contact and field database management, and basic website editing.

These include:

  • Generating positive media coverage of the sport and local tournaments and playing opportunities, serving as CUPA’s proactive media relations contact, regularly soliciting coverage from local newspaper, television, and radio media.  

  • Meeting & connecting with the community: chatting with teams, attending leagues and community meetings, building volunteer lists, supporting all teams at all levels of play and community members, promoting events, etc.

  • Being friendly and professional in all interactions.

  • Providing information to the board, volunteers, and community quickly, accurately, and professionally.

  • Maintaining the CUPA website with accurate information that is accessible to beginners and long-time community members alike.

  • Assisting media volunteers with monthly newsletters and social media content such as facebook, twitter and youtube.

  • Growing mailing list and social media followers.

  • Creating community events for community members to connect, socialize, and/or send us feedback.

Volunteer Management

As the Director of Operations, you will oversee CUPA’s volunteers and all of our events. Your responsibilities will encompass volunteer, event, operations, infrastructure, and logistical management.

These include:

  • Recruiting, training, overseeing, supporting, and retaining volunteers.

  • Ensuring all events have the support, guidance, and resources they need.

  • Creating consistent ways to communicate and share resources.

  • Enabling volunteers to easily understand, follow, and build on your work.

  • Filling in wherever/whenever needed

  • Coordinating volunteer appreciation events

Long-Term Vision

The Director of Operations will engage with the CUPA Board and assist with creating one, three and five 5 year operating plans. It is crucial you understand our community and maintain a big-picture focus. Your responsibilities will encompass growth, budgeting, administration, and new ventures.

These include:

  • Assisting CUPA’s committees with executing their deliverables.

  • Getting to know our community and understanding its priorities and needs.

  • Putting in place processes to continuously improve organizational efficiency.

  • Sustainably growing events and creating new ones.

  • Maintaining profitable budgets for adult programming and a sustainable company.

  • Connecting with the global ultimate community to research new ideas.

Commitment & Salary

We are looking for an applicant who is committed to investing at least 2 - 4 years in the role. Salary and benefits are to be negotiated. CUPA would like to fill the position by the start of the 2020 but it will remain open until filled. The Director of Operations will report to the CUPA board at quarterly meetings, and receive ongoing direction and guidance from a 3 person governance board. The position requires travel in the Northern Kentucky and Southwestern Ohio areas.  Some weekends and night work will be required as well as occasional travel to regional or national events.

Desired Candidates

The ideal candidate is flexible, community-focused, and incredibly self-motivated.

They will have:

  • Love of the game and the Ultimate community, and a willingness to spend the next 2 - 4 years with CUPA.

  • Experience organizing Ultimate events.  The candidate should also have played the sport of Ultimate at some level (recreational through club). 

  • 2 - 5 years of experience serving on or working with the board of a non-profit sporting organization or community organization.  Note that this is preferred but not required.

  • Strong organizational and project management skills.  This individual will be able to translate CUPA’s high level objectives into actionable and realistic tasks that will be enthusiastically shared with others and then led through to successful execution. 

  • Familiarity with spreadsheets, Google docs/sheets/Drive, Facebook, Twitter and basic website editing.

  • To pass CUPA and USAU background checks.

  • USAU TD certification, or plan on getting this certification in their first 3 months of employment.

  • To know and love the Cincinnati/Dayton ultimate community.

  • To attend all CUPA Board meetings and be willing to do some weekend and evening work, and also occasional travel. 

CUPA is incredibly excited about this opportunity. We look forward to hearing from you.  Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at

Applicants should submit their application - to include a cover letter, resume, and contact information for two recommendations - to  Recent college graduates (2013 or later) should also send a copy of their transcript.  

Good luck!