Public Statement on Coronavirus Concerns #5

Posted at Apr 3 2020 08:00 AM by Nick Felicelli

Cincinnati Ultimate Players Association

Public Statement on Coronavirus Concerns #5

Revised 2020-04-03


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Dear CUPA Community, 


Happy Friday! I know that everyone has been impacted in different ways by this COVID-19 pandemic, and I want to extend my sincerest wishes for continued health and safety for all of you and your families. Despite all of the challenges that we face together, it’s still amazing to see some of the inspiring stories taking place every day. I encourage everyone to remain socially responsible and to do your part so that we can all share happier days together soon.


Specifically related to CUPA activities, I wanted to shared some updates following the latest extension of the Ohio Director’s Stay at Home Order through May 1:


  • All remaining CUPA Spring season leagues are cancelled. These effectively go through the end of May and knowing that the beginning of May is the earliest that we could possibly resume activities (which is also still very questionable at this time), it’s not practical to administer those sessions. In the event that May does become available for activities, we would be prepared to consider possible short-term replacements to fill that time.

  • Otherwise, our focus now shifts to the summer league sessions. There is no guarantee when we’ll be able to resume activities, but we want to continue preparing for when that time comes. Look for more information about summer leagues coming soon.

  • YUC remains one of the biggest pieces of our organization and we recognize how disappointing it is to have lost so much of the 2020 season. The YUC directors will specifically review options and determine a best plan of action to either condense activities before the summer (if allowed) or roll activities later into the year. The directors will remain in communication with coaches to ensure that everyone stays on the same page.


Making determinations to cancel activities that we know all of you enjoy so much is not a decision that we take lightly. But as I’ve said from the beginning, the safety of our participants remains paramount and given the latest developments with the pandemic and the best information that we can gather, we are confident that it’s in the best interest of everyone to delay resuming activities as described. I appreciate your understanding and cooperation through all of this.


I am always grateful for the amazing community that we have and encourage everyone to continue staying engaged virtually with friends and teammates as much as possible. The support of our community is a powerful tool that we have at our disposal to get through this together. I send my best and hope to see all of you again soon!



Ryan Gorman

President, CUPA Board of Directors

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