CUPA Public Statement on Coronavirus Concerns #3

Posted at Mar 20 2020 05:00 PM by Nick Felicelli

Cincinnati Ultimate Players Association
Public Statement on Coronavirus Concerns #3
Revised 2020-03-20

Statement #1 (2020-03-11) 
Statement #2 (2020-03-13)

Dear CUPA Community,

Before we share some of the specific updates this week related to the ongoing Coronavirus concerns, I wanted to include a simple personal message for everyone to consider as we figure out our pathway through such challenging and unprecedented times. I encourage everyone to take a few minutes to watch this video message here.

I hope this message helped to provide some context and humanity to everything that we’re dealing with at this time. Now that we are all hopefully approaching this situation from the same frame of reference, I’ll go ahead and share specific decisions that the CUPA Board has outlined for this week’s update:

Cancellations: The following leagues are officially cancelled and refunds of the listed amounts will be returned to everyone that paid to participate in these leagues.

2020 Winter Tuesday Dayton Indoor Session 2 ($37.50 Refund)
2020 Spring Monday Session 1 ($20 Refund)
2020 Spring Wednesday First Session ($20 Refund)

Refunds will be processed by our Treasurer, Tom Phillips ( as soon as possible. To be clear on the “as soon as possible” part, this will take some time for Tom to verify information with each of the league directors, confirm the method of repayment based on how the player initially paid, and then manually process each of the refunds. I sincerely appreciate your understanding as Tom makes a best effort to get this taken care of in a timely (but reasonable) manner. You do not need to contact Tom for the refund as he will reach out to you if there are any questions.

Ongoing Suspended Activity: For now, all CUPA activity remains suspended until further notice. We don’t have a specific date set for activities to resume yet (as information continues to change daily), but a good frame of reference could be USA Ultimate’s latest decision to cancel all of their activities into May. Specifically for CUPA, YUC remains suspended as we will try to figure out safe ways to conclude the season later on, but that is still unknown. The CUPA Club Mixer events are likely being rescheduled, but that still has to be coordinated.

Note that future league registrations that were already in progress will remain open for the time being, but please refrain from submitting any further payments for now (in the event that these leagues eventually get cancelled as well). We’ll provide further clarity on these leagues in a future update.

We will continue to distribute updates on a weekly rhythm unless a need arises for more timely communication. We appreciate your patience and encourage you all to take care of yourselves through this tumultuous time. Know that we remain strong and supportive as a community and there are better days ahead of us. Take care and hope to see you all soon!

Ryan Gorman
President, CUPA Board of Directors


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